Nestor Velasco-Bermeo

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Nestor Velasco-Bermeo
Name Nestor Velasco-Bermeo
Company University College Dublin
Company Position Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Lecturer
City, State Dublin City County Dublin
Country Ireland
Sectors Data
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ITESM.png Protecting user Data in the Smart City scenario
Data is exchanged intensively within a Smart City, the correct usage of such information is vital to provide a better service to the citizens. Protecting user’s details is the key of a broader adoption of any application with intense data exchange and exploitation.


Tecnologico Monterrey-university-logo.png Tecnologico Monterrey
Through educational experiences Tecnológico de Monterrey form people who become agents of change willing to be even more competitive in order to benefit all, with a clear focus on being instead of having, on serving others instead of possessing things; people who are responsible for their own lives, aware of the fact that their actions may promote the transformation of others.