Margaret Loper

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Margaret Loper
Name Margaret Loper
Company Georgia Tech Research Institute
Company Position Associate Lab Director
City, State Atlanta GA
Country United States
Sectors Data
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GeorgiaTechIOT.png Campus Array Node and Array of Things Network Dual Deployment
The Project entails the dual deployment of Argonne National Labs’ Array of Things (AoT, v.2) and Georgia Tech Research Institute’s Campus Array Node (CAN, v.1). In combination, these two sensor networks will aid multi-modal transit from the perspective of both operators and users.

Partnering with the City of Atlanta, Georgia Tech Research Institute, and Argonne National Labs, and focusing on issues related to multi-modal transit, the Project focuses on the on-the-ground interoperation of two Internet of Things systems—AoT focused on environmental sensing and CAN focused on traffic/public safety monitoring—and how to display real-time data for public transit operators, pedestrians, and officials in meaningful ways that inform efficient, effective, and comfortable use of various mobility options.

From the engineering and infrastructural considerations to the political and community issues, the Project is a case study of a cyber-physical system that will result in a model of how to proceed with issues of interoperable Internet of Things systems, from technical standards to community engagement to areas of future work.