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Published 2022-06-28
Point(s) of Contact nabila.massrali@ec.europa.eu
Organization(s) European Commission
Where Brussels Belgium
Press Release

This document contains the technical specifications of the Living-in.EU (LI.EU) upscaling declaration1 initiative and is based on existing minimal interoperability mechanisms (MIMs)plus some additional fundamental building blocks – hence the name: MIMs Plus. It is one of three deliverables from the LI.EU Technical sub-group, the others being a concept paper, describing the scope and time plan for the work, and operational guidance, with practical guidance on how the technical specifications can be used in practice.

The 5th draft of the Living-in.EU’s MIMs Plus initiative has been finalized and is now available for download. The focus continues to be on supporting cities and communities to put in place sensible and affordable data sharing initiatives that enable scalable, shareable and sustainable services for the citizens. In this way governments, the public, and other stakeholder groups will be protected against vendor lock-in and innovation and competitiveness will be encouraged.

The MIMs Plus Initiative consists of minimal interoperability mechanisms (MIMs) and additional fundamental building blocks, such as European specifications, and has been created by Living-in.EU’s Technical sub-group. The sub-group consists of over 70 experts from various fields: technologies, standardization, advisory roles and innovation. The Living-in.EU declaration, which MIMs Plus is a part of, is based on six guiding principles, of which number five and six are especially relevant from a technical perspective:

  1. A citizen-centric approach;
  2. A city-led approach at EU level;
  3. The city as a citizen-driven and open innovation ecosystem;
  4. Ethical and socially responsible access, use, sharing and management of data;
  5. Technologies as key enablers;
  6. Interoperable digital platforms based on open standards and technical specifications, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and shared data models.

MIMs Plus aims to build capacity on top of standards, mechanisms, services, guidelines, and tools that enable interoperability of data platforms for cities and communities, to mainstream the delivery of services with a strong positive local impact, while at the same time addressing overall European goals. It also introduces the current state of the art and gives recommendations for technical specifications.

The MIMs Plus document itself consists of two parts: (1) an introduction and background and (2) the actual specifications. The structure of the specifications follows the framework of the OASC Minimal Interoperability Mechanisms (MIMs), and then adds relevant European specifications and initiatives (Plus).