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Jon Walton
Name Jon Walton
Company Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska
Company Position CIO
City, State Pebble Beach CA
Country United States
Sectors Wireless
Consulting: {{{skill}}}


SanMateoWiFi.jpg Bay Area Unified Wi-Fi Roaming Security and Ease of Use
As more and more cities deploy public Wi-Fi service, security and ease of use are becoming critical. In addition, the service becomes fragmented and constrained by geopolitical boundaries. This action cluster will deploy and evaluate the impact of new Wi-Fi authentication and access management solutions that deliver not only the highest possible end-user security, but will allow participating municipalities to create a unified regional system that users can automatically connect to when in range, regardless of what city/county they are in.

IoTChapter.jpg Internet of Things
The scope of this Blueprint will be on the IoT networks themselves – the physical and logical layers, not necessarily the software applications and data generated therefrom.