Ilhan Ham

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Ilhan Ham
Name Ilhan Ham
Company H Energy
Company Position CEO & Founder
City, State Seoul
Country South Korea
Sectors Utility
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Virtual-power-plant.jpg Gyeonggi Provincial virtual power plant in Gyeonggi Open Platform for Smart city
This is a project concept which is to create citizen-led, decentralized, local energy-based society that builds foundations on which the distributed resources (ESS, solar power) in the region that can proliferate profitable models which citizens invest, own, trade and operate.
  1. This is to create an urban energy storage based on the optimal ESS (energy storage) introduction feasibility analysis in accordance with Energy usage analysis (big data).
  2. This project intends to revitalize the energy production distribution resources through citizen-led photovoltaic power generation by developing photovoltaic energy on rooftop of the buildings along with development of photovoltaic energy in rural areas.
  3. It intends to create power trading ecosystem that utilize distributed resources such as energy management efficiency by utilizing energy use analysis and citizen-led photovoltaic prosumer.