IES-City Framework

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IES-City Framework
Date March 15, 2019
Point of Contact Sokwoo Rhee
Organizational Partners NIST
Sector Data
Presentation City Platform Group - NIST IES-CityFramework.pdf

Description: Two barriers currently exist to effective and powerful smart city solutions. First, many current smart city ICT deployments are based on custom systems that are not interoperable, portable across cities, extensible, or cost-effective. Second, a number of architectural design efforts are currently underway (e.g. ISO/IEC JTC1, IEC, IEEE, ITU and consortia) but have not yet converged, creating uncertainty among stakeholders. To reduce these barriers, NIST and its partners convened an international public working group to compare and distil from these architectural efforts and city stakeholders a consensus framework of common architectural features to enable smart city solutions that meet the needs of modern communities.