Hiroaki Nishi

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Hiroaki Nishi
Name Hiroaki Nishi
Company Keio University
Company Position Professor
City, State Minato City Tokyo
Country Japan
Sectors Data
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UDCMilogo.png Saitama City Smart Community Project
We developed a Smart Community Information Platform (SCIP) for achieving security and privacy management of smart city data and providing smart city data services considering time-, privacy-, and location- critical problems. We are implementing the information platform for providing smart town services for 32,000 residents in 230-hectare area of Misono Town, Saitama City as a testing site of SCIP.


Kris logo.gif Smart City Saitama
We founded a consortium, called Smart City Project (SCP), inviting 27 global leading companies from each sector relevant to Smart City. At SCP, Smart City was defined based on 5 layers and 10 areas. This clarified at which segments each company’s solutions fall into. With bird’s eyes view across 5 layers / 10 areas, we examined solutions to ensure the entire optimization.