Hector Dominguez

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Hector Dominguez
Name Hector Dominguez
Company City of Portland
Company Position Open Data Coordinator
City, State Portland OR
Country United States
Sectors Wellbeing
Consulting: {{{skill}}}


Open-Data-Streams.jpg Open Data STREAMS
This project involves an evaluation framework for open datasets published by the City of Portland. The goal is to create a data analysis tool which provides quality assurance for datasets made available between bureaus and to the public.
Portlandmaps.jpg PortlandMaps - Open Data
PortlandMaps delivers site-specific property information, neighborhood crime statistics, aerial photos, school information, and tons of additional map data for the City of Portland and beyond.


OpenContracting.jpeg Making Government Contracting Better
A modern economy needs a smart, data-driven government contracting ecosystem. Our mission is to bring governments, businesses, citizens and open data together to build one.
OregonDataStrategy.jpeg Oregon State Data Strategy and Data Literacy Initiative
The Oregon Data Strategy provides enterprise leadership and a long-term approach for how the State will govern data as a critical asset and critical infrastructure, along with direct actions over the coming biennium (2021-2023) to set Oregon on the path for success.