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Title HUD-Community-Resilient-Toolkit.pdf
Type report
Topic Designing and Implementing a Resilient Smart Public Safety Program
Publisher U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Issue 2023-01-01
Date Accessed
File Paper

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Resilience Toolkit (Toolkit) is designed to assist communities in enhancing their resilience to climate-related natural hazard risks. Although not the focus of this toolkit, consideration of other hazards, risks, and stresses may also enhance resilience.

Resilience is a community’s ability to minimize damage and recover quickly from extreme events and changing conditions. This Toolkit offers resources that housing and community development professionals can use to:

  • identify climate-related natural hazard risks;
  • consider actions to enhance the resilience of housing, infrastructure, and residents to those hazards; and
  • implement resilience actions using HUD funds and other innovative fnancing options.

This guidance offers ideas for communities. It should not be considered a substitute for referring to the legislation and regulations governing each of the Community Planning and Development (CPD) programs mentioned if a community elects to use funds from one of these programs. This guidance is also intended to assist decision-making as communities invest their own resources.