Go-Green Webinar

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Go-Green Webinar
Date April 14, 2022
Point of Contact Ricardo Vitorino
Francisco Monsanto
Wilfred Pinfold
Organizational Partners Ubiwhere
Sector Data
Presentation GoGreen Webinar compressed.pdf

Description: GoGreen aims to help people understand the impact of small sustainable gestures on their communities through technology. It presents itself as a community rewards system where participating points providers can define actions that support their communities objectives and reward people for taking them. For the users they see a marketplace of options along with rewards based on secure blockchain based smart contracts for supportive behavior.


For this pilot system the end-users of the rewarding system will be the visitors and employees of points of interest in the Portland area such as Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), Washington Park and businesses like AutoDesk and Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU). Initial rewards will be based on travel options where visitors can get to these destinations by sustainable and non-sustainable means. To encourage users to select the more sustainable means to travel, an application on their phones will clearly outline all their travel options along with rewards that incentivise the more sustainable options. These rewards can take into account CO2 emissions, equity and other social benefits. Through this GoGreen platform we hope to create sustainability awareness and encourage people to adapt their travel to the most sustainable option that meets their needs.