Farid Farahmand

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Farid Farahmand
Name Farid Farahmand
Company Sonoma State University
Company Position Associate Professor
City, State Rohnert Park CA
Country United States
Sectors Utility
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TIoT-Enabled Smart City Framework.png IoT Enabled Smart City Workshop
Create tutorials, workshop and practice use cases for smart cities.

Demonstrate smart city applications as per NIST framework (work in progress). The workshop also discusses about IoT standards and protocol which would help ; community partners and city/municipality staff to get familiar with national as well as international IoT standards.

Demonstrate how the vulnerability and external threats affect Cybersecurity and privacy. Build a model for the city and municipality leaders to visualize and take corrective steps.

Build prototypes as per municipalities requirement and scale for other cities. Utilize NSF funded Maker’s space at Sonoma State University. The Lab is open for all cities/municipalities to build their proto types. The Lab has facilities to build product from scratch. (paper concept to proto type)