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Ergodomus Logo-why-ergodomus.jpg
NIST Sector Buildings
GICS Industrial Capital Goods
Smart Tag(s)
Business type Public
Year Founded 2007
Founder(s) Franco Piva
City, State Pergine Valsugana
Country Italy
Region Served Worldwide
Executives Franco Piva
Revenue $5M€ 4.4 <br />£ 3.7 <br />CA$ 6.35 <br />CNY 31.65 <br />KRW 6.127 <br />
Number of employees 25
Sponsorship Level Of Interest

Franco Piva.jpeg

Ergodomus is where holistic approach to design meets unique turnkey technical and managing services, far beyond static calculation.


Why Ergodomus?

Our international experience on over 300 buildings has taught us that a holistic design approach is the key to unlocking efficiencies to minimize cost, and effectiveness by practically checking for ease-of-buildability to maximise productivity.

Efficient & innovative projects: our must

We can guarantee entrepreneurial developers optimal structures that cost less and are easier to construct on site.

We are the critical link between the design team, entrepreneurs and the manufacturer, as we collaborate with all stakeholders in the project team throughout every stage of development, from design through production to the erection on the construction site.

One approach, many services

Moving from a holistic approach, the Ergodomus working method employs a ‘one-stop, comprehensive service’. We not only design effective, elegant timber structures, we also provide value engineering analysis, preliminary & feasibility study and all the necessary static calculations, building phisics, computational design and DfMA production drawings.