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NIST Sector Transportation
GICS Industrial Transportation
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Business type Public
Year Founded January 17, 2024
Founder(s) Erlend Wilhelmsen
City, State Portland OR
Country United States
Region Served Worldwide
Executives Erlend Wilhelmsen
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Number of employees 1
Sponsorship Level Of Interest

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Elywhere provides high-power charging stations, designed with integrated batteries for quick and efficient deployment.


Ecomotion Washington Park Shuttle.jpg EcoMotion: Electrifying Washington Park's Circulator for a Greener Future
This project converts five existing Ford transit buses to electric power. This conversion not

only reduces cost over buying new it ensures the gasoline engine is removed from the road and recycled instead of being sold for another use. It also retains the chassis and other equipment saving emissions over a new purchase.


These stations can deliver up to 200 kW during charging sessions, liberating customers from the constraints of installing high-power grid connections. For high-demand applications such as Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicles (HDEV), Elywhere’s chargers can be configured to support power in the 1 MW range, providing compelling solutions for electric fleets.

Beyond charging, Elywhere's integration of sophisticated Battery Energy Storage Systems addresses the challenges of grid support. Advanced energy flow management software optimizes grid performance, facilitating deployment in regions facing power constraints, from weak grids to inconsistent renewable production. This minimizes impact and stabilizes the grid through services like frequency support and local flexibility. ENA will leverage Elywhere’s strategic partnership with Pratexo, the preeminent edge-to-cloud computing provider, to deliver intelligent management of power distribution.

Elywhere’s expansion into North America builds upon the success of the company’s ES300 fast charging stations in Europe.

"We've seen our solutions meet and exceed expectations in some of the most demanding locations across Europe, which gives us confidence in our North American venture." Anders Rudlang, CEO of Elywhere, Norway

ENA is led by seasoned professionals. Chief Executive Officer Erlend Wilhelmsen, Chief Financial Officer Daniel Alderman, and Chief Commercial Officer John Brice, combine their extensive knowledge to continue the company's success in this critical new market.

"Recognizing the unique challenges of the US market early on, we knew Elywhere's technology would be an excellent fit. Our operational expertise is now geared towards delivering these robust charging solutions across North America." Erlend Wilhelmsen, CEO Elywhere North America

ENA's operations cater to a wide array of market segments, including energy and utilities, government and municipalities, and retail and convenience stores. As electric vehicles enter the mainstream in North America, there is a critical need for reliable, flexible fast charging options.

The introduction of Elywhere North America enriches the landscape of EV charging available across the continent, while advancing the company’s mission to deliver dependable charging and energy management solutions that steer the US and Canada to a more sustainable future.

About Elywhere AS

Elywhere is an innovative Norwegian company revolutionizing electric vehicle charging infrastructure. With a mission to break down barriers to widespread EV adoption and enable fast charging anywhere, Elywhere has developed the groundbreaking ES300 Super Charger.

These mobile, battery, and grid-powered fast charging stations are specifically designed for locations with high demand and limited spare grid capacity. The ES300 SuperCharger effectively multiplies the maximum power available for fast charging, contributing to a more sustainable future.