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Colu logo.png
NIST Sector Wellbeing
GICS Industrial Commercial & Professional Services
Smart Tag(s)
Business type Limited Liability
Year Founded 2014
Founder(s) Amos Meiri
City, State Tel Aviv
Country Israel
Region Served Local
Executives Amos Meiri
Revenue $35 m€ 30.8 <br />£ 25.9 <br />CA$ 44.45 <br />CNY 221.55 <br />KRW 42.891 <br />
Number of employees 40
Sponsorship Level Of Interest

Amos Meiri.jpeg

Our mission is to help cities achieve their strategic goals by getting citizens to take action


Colu’s unique platform, powered by a mobile app, delivers a city coin that engages city residents with city rewards, thereby helping cities achieve their goals. Use Colu to transform your city’s vision and plans into measurable actions. The result: strong civic engagement.

Address Challenges

Publish city challenges, such as shopping in a struggling area, or encouraging improved mobility, healthier lifestyles and more, while rewarding residents for taking real actions.

Communicate Events & Surveys

Use the app to directly communicate with your residents by publishing events that you want to promote and by sending personalized surveys.

Promote Local Businesses

Promote your local businesses on the platform and give them the same powerful tools big brands are using, such as analytics, reporting and more.

Fuel Your Local Economy

Collected rewards can be redeemed only at the city’s local businesses, thereby turning the city’s marketing budgets into local economy growth drivers.