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Municipalities City of Cleveland

United States

From: 24 Apr 2012 - To - 27 Apr 2012

Description: Cleveland…a city that has reinvented itself from a dying rust belt town, to a world innovator in healthcare, bioscience, manufacturing and leveraging human capital through intergenerational leadership. Greater Cleveland is home to 24 fortune 1000 companies and currently has over $7 billion in construction in its urban core. Cleveland is an innovative city that fosters entrepreneurship and has developed a network of partners to develop and excel in the areas most critical to urban success – talent, connections, innovation and distinctiveness.


BP Trip - 2012 Cleveland - Itinerary-P.pdf

Post Trip Notes

BP Trip - 2012 Cleveland - Itinerary & PostTrip Comments1-P.pdf BP Trip - 2012 Cleveland - PostTrip Comments2-P.pdf