Caroline Dumortier

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Caroline Dumortier
Name Caroline Dumortier
Company Opendatasoft
Company Position Global VP of Marketing
City, State London England
Country United Kingdom
Sectors Transportation
Consulting: {{{skill}}}


Chapel Hill Transit.jpg Using Real-Time Traffic Data to Improve Civic Transportation Services
This project will expand Chapel Hill’s Data program to incorporate Waze real-time traffic data.

Chapel Hill already uses the OpenDataSoft platform to share public data across the town government and with citizens. This project will allow to the town to quickly and seamlessly collect, harmonize and analyze real-time traffic data through the Waze Connected Citizens Program. The Waze Connected Citizen is a free data exchange program. The OpenDataSoft platform enables the two-way free data exchange between Waze and Chapel Hill and provides tools to analyze the data and compare it with other transportation data already offered by the town.