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Burnbot horiz color 01a-01.png
NIST Sector Public Safety
GICS Industrial Technology Hardware & Equipment
Smart Tag(s)
Business type Private
Year Founded March 7, 2022
Founder(s) Anukool Lakhina
Waleed Haddad
City, State San Francisco CA
Country United States
Region Served Country
Executives Anukool Lakhina
Revenue $5M€ 4.4 <br />£ 3.7 <br />CA$ 6.35 <br />CNY 31.65 <br />KRW 6.127 <br />
Number of employees 8
Sponsorship Level Of Interest

To prevent destructive wildfires by scaling precise fuel treatment.


Prescribed burns at scale

Increasing recognition of controlled fire emphasizes the use of more ‘good fire’ on public lands is resulting in new policy and development of workforces. These emerging policies have yielded long overdue recognition of the need for partnerships with tribal leaders to enhance existing knowledge and capacities for prescribed burning.

BurnBot is a collaborator, fielding the best in forestry and fire technology to systematically scale wildfire mitigation and vegetation management services.

Our LeanRX approach brings together a system of technologies and operational practices specifically tailored to scale fuels treatment, with the goal of treating 1,000,000+ acres a year.