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These blueprints waere produced by numerous industry specialist volunteers who contributed their expertise and time to share best practices in this developing ecosystem. The Blueprints take the best practices extracted from the projects (ActionClusters) and provide how to guides. The first version of these blueprints were produced as the static documents (PDFs) below.

Buildings Blueprint Cybersecurity and Privacy Blueprint Data Blueprint Public Safety Blueprint TransportationBlueprintFeb18.pdf Utility Blueprint Wireless Blueprint IoT Blueprint Agriculture and Rural SuperCluster Workshop Report 2020

In Blueprint 2.0 we moved this content to a semantic web structure. This approach allows incremental content update so as the documents stay current and cross linkage with projects, news, events and webinars to create a comprehensive knowledge base. Below you will find links to the semantic web blueprint content organized by the industry sectors (superclusters) established by the National Institute of Standards Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC).

BuildingsChapter.jpg Buildings Blueprint
The Smart Buildings Supercluster (SBSC) convenes public, private, and academic organizations to collaborate in the development and interrelationship of smart buildings within the smart city context. All SBSC group members and contributors to this Blueprint are volunteers, sharing their expertise in smart buildings, Internet of Things technologies and use cases, architecture, engineering, communications, building management systems, municipal systems management, mobility, data management and security, sustainability, optimal productivity and wellness approaches and technologies. We thank them for their contribution.
CybersecurityChapter.jpg Cybersecurity and Privacy Blueprint
This blueprint has been developed by the Cybersecurity and Privacy Action Cluster (CPAC) with the primary goal of providing a source document for all entities interested in learning how to manage upcoming Smart City cybersecurity and privacy challenges and risks.
DataChapter.jpg Data Blueprint
In 2016, the United Nations reported that an estimated 54.5% of the world’s population lived in urban settlements. By 2030, urban areas are projected to swell to 60% and one in every three people will live in a city. With more than three million people moving into urban areas each week, cities are faced with an unprecedented challenge.
EducationChapter.jpg Education Blueprint
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IoTChapter.jpg Internet of Things Blueprint
The scope of this Blueprint will be on the IoT networks themselves – the physical and logical layers, not necessarily the software applications and data generated therefrom.
PSSCChapter.jpg Public Safety Blueprint
This Blueprint for Smart Public Safety for Connected Communities is a guide for cities to identify, assess, develop, and apply cutting edge technologies to the challenges of public safety in advanced, complex, and technologically integrated communities, or “Smart & Connected Communities” (S&CC). First issued in August 2017, this document updates the previous version, and was issued following the GCTC Exposition on 10-12 July 2019.
Agriculture.JPG Regenerative Agriculture
Regenerative agriculture is a holistic approach to agriculture that focuses on the interconnection of farming systems and the ecological system as a whole. The concept of regenerative farming is not new. It was used by Indigenous communities centuries ago, long before industrial agriculture occurred.
RuralChapter.jpg Rural Blueprint
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SmartRegionsChapter.jpg Smart Region Blueprint
A smart region is more than just big data, technological connectivity and efficiency. It's about creating an interpersonal relationship between a region and its people.
Transportation1Chapter.jpg Transportation Blueprint
A SuperCluster is a multi-city, multi-stakeholder collaboration organized around common project objectives and shared solutions. Committed cities/communities and partners jointly tackle shared issues, develop and deploy shared solutions to create economies of scale.
UtilityChapter.jpg Utility Blueprint
The Utility SuperCluster theme on sustainability originated from an earlier technology demonstration at GCTC in 2015 called Smart Cities Optimized Action Cluster. The action cluster worked with the Las Vegas Valley Water District on Water Infrastructure Management and Leak Detection and was deployed successfully in three metropolitan cities in the United States.
WellbeingChapter.png Wellbeing Blueprint
In order to allow analysis of a wide range of ethical decision problems, any version of a coherent individualistic ethical decision theory requires some ideal index indicating the ethical value of each individual’s life. It seems reasonable that this index should be related to well-being. In fact the values involved in determining well-being might still form part of an ideal value index, but only after they have been suitably repackaged. But it would appear that a satisfactory ethical value index must transcend any of the commonly accepted notions of well-being.
Peter J. Hammond, Department of Economics, Stanford University
WirelessChapter.jpg Wireless Blueprint
The purpose of this blueprint is to provide readers with a practical “how-to” guide for deploying a Public Wi-Fi system within their jurisdiction or agency.