Bern Ewah

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Bern Ewah
Name Bern Ewah
Company National Information Technology Development Agency
Company Position Deputy Director
City, State Abuja Federal Capital Territory
Country Nigeria
Sectors Transportation
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AbujaCitySmartTransport.jpg Abuja City Integrated Transportation System
Sustainable Mass Abuja Rapid Transit (SMART) is an easier, efficient and seamless means of utilizing the city’s public mass transit bus service.

Abuja Urban Mass Transit has over 500 buses conveying an estimated 1000 passengers daily. The proposed project will equip 100 buses with devices to generate and transmit real time data and information between drivers, commuters, city transport officials and the general public. The project targets increased ridership and revenue generation from the combination of multiple methods of electronic payments, bus routing, location tracking as well as online bus schedule service.

CalabarWasteProject.png Calabar IoT-based Smart Waste Project
  • To provide a clear roadmap on how to develop a smart waste management system
  • Establish a smart integrated waste management system and linking same to a green and smart city establishment