Autonomous Vehicles and Public Transport 2024

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Title Autonomous Vehicles and Public Transport 2024
Description The mission of the conference is to discuss recent developments, emerging trends, progress in the deployment of autonomous vehicles for public transit, policy framework, best practices to integrate AVs and public transport, potential use cases of AVs in public transport, strategies for the deployment of AVs to support transit operations, infrastructure required to deploy AVs, and labor force transformation. The conference will showcase case studies, pilot projects, and new and existing technologies for AVs.
Start Date March 5, 2024
End Date March 6, 2024
Location San Francisco CA
Website Website
Virtual Access No

The conference will bring together experts from the transit agencies; federal, state, and local governments; metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs); transit operators; AV manufacturers, vehicle technology system suppliers, developers and integrators; bus manufacturers; R&D institutes; academic institutions; and not-for-profits to discuss developments and issues in policy, planning, funding, technology, market development, testing, and deployment of AVs.