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Ascent Solutions
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NIST Sector Cybersecurity and Privacy
GICS Industrial Commercial & Professional Services
Smart Tag(s)
Business type Limited Liability
Year Founded 2008
Founder(s) JD Harris
City, State Minneapolis MN
Country United States
Region Served Country
Executives JD Harris
Revenue $13.2 million€ 11.616 <br />£ 9.768 <br />CA$ 16.764 <br />CNY 83.556 <br />KRW 16.176 <br />
Number of employees 102
Sponsorship Level Of Interest

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We are one of Microsoft’s most adaptable and trusted professional services firms. Find out what makes us different.


Singapore.jpg Reduced customs clearance time with virtual extension of sea ports
Develop and deploy electronic cargo tracking solutions in different settings (sea port, dry port and manufacturing FTZ) and across geographies (traversing from landlocked locations to ports, in East Africa and in Asia), for expedited customs clearance and enhanced trade facilitations. The solution is integrated across technology stacks, including end-devices, platforms and analytics, by ecosystem of accredited vendors. Involves security/field enforcement officials, customs officials, application developers, telco service providers, shippers and consignees. .png Cargo Tracking
Secure and track your assets globally with Ascent Solutions™ and keep your business safe on the go. With this solution, you will gain visibility over your assets through live updates on its location and status. Further eliminate threats to cargo security and manage your assets better by receiving alerts in real time whenever the iSCOUT™ or the iSENSOR™ electronic seals securing your assets have been tampered.


Ascent is built to help firms evolve their cybersecurity posture, modernize their Microsoft solutions, and accelerate their journey to the cloud. Our best-in-class consultants understand the demands of today’s modern workplace as well as the technology hurdles it can create. Ascent provides organizations with the expertise needed to quickly move beyond technical constraints and focus on achieving business results.

Ascent’s exceptional ability to envision and execute Microsoft solutions comes directly from the experience of our leadership and consulting teams. Ascent proudly carries over 100 years of combined Microsoft experience from both corporate and field leadership positions. Our deep understanding of Microsoft’s business and products directly translates into strategy and delivery excellence for our clients.