Applied Autonomy

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Applied Autonomy
NIST Sector Transportation
GICS Industrial Transportation
Smart Tag(s)
Business type Private
Year Founded January 1, 2017
Founder(s) Olav Madland
City, State Kongsberg
Country Norway
Region Served Worldwide
Executives Olav Madland
Gunn Drogset
Revenue $5 Million€ 4.4 <br />£ 3.7 <br />CA$ 6.35 <br />CNY 31.65 <br />KRW 6.127 <br />
Number of employees 27
Sponsorship Level Of Interest

Gunn Drogset.jpgOlav Madland.jpg

Applied Autonomy delivers knowledge, solutions, and services for sustainable autonomous transportation. The company offers services for piloting and testing of autonomous vehicles, and develops the necessary control centre systems for implementation and operation of autonomous traffic. Applied Autonomy participates in several international research projects related to autonomy, and is used as an expert adviser both nationally and internationally. The company builds solutions in collaboration with internationally leading companies and Test Arena Kongsberg.


Applied Autonomy