Ahmad Wani

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Ahmad Wani
Name Ahmad Wani
Company One Concern
Company Position CEO
City, State Menlo Park CA
Country United States
Sectors Public Safety
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ArtificalIntelligenceforEmergencyHeader.png Clarity Amidst Chaos – How AI is Enhancing Emergency Preparedness
SF Bay area Emergency Managers and One Concern have joined together to provide the power of AI to California emergency responders.

‘Seismic Concern’ uses artificial intelligence and state of art earthquake engineering research to provide emergency managers with damage maps and statistics in the immediate aftermath of a catastrophic earthquake, enhancing situational awareness required for rescue and relief efforts. Moreover, through the ‘Seismic Concern Training Module’, emergency operations centers will be able to design and train on realistic scenarios based on actual simulations to get a real sense of the situation. One Concern will demonstrate their capability to predict the extent of damage to personal residences, commercial and government building as well as other critical infrastructure in the immediate aftermath of an earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area Region, as well as the capability of the training/simulation module to aid resiliency and mitigation efforts. SF DEM will demonstrate how One Concern’s technology will enhance immediate response and recovery efforts and will use their simulations to quantify mitigation efforts and develop accurate scenarios for emergency responders.