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280 Earth
NIST Sector Resilience
GICS Industrial Technology Hardware & Equipment
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Business type Private
Year Founded January 1, 2022
Founder(s) Darren Bonnstetter
John Pimentel
City, State The Dalles OR
Country United States
Region Served Country
Executives John Pimentel
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Number of employees 9
Sponsorship Level Of Interest

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Direct Air Capture systems pull CO2 permanently out of the atmosphere.


DirectAirCaptureOregon.jpg Direct Air Capture Plant in Oregon
280 Earth, Inc. has launched its inaugural Direct Air Capture (DAC) facility in The Dalles, Oregon, marking a significant milestone in the fight against climate change.


We believe the most important ingredients in solving the climate crisis are size and speed. From the beginning, our engineers and scientists have collaborated on both the DAC equipment and sorbent material so each component of our process fits seamlessly together. This allows us to focus on scaling up quickly.

We’re now operating our 500-ton/year plant while also building the 5,000-ton/year module.

The 280 Earth team has 25+ technical staff from various disciplines of chemistry, mechanical engineering, software, and environmental fields, most of whom have worked together since 2018. After four years of lab-scale prototyping and testing, 280 Earth spun out of X, The Moonshot Factory in 2022. We’ve since built out a management team with deep expertise in project development, project finance, and construction/operations management.