Trip to Spain

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From: 02 Apr 2011 - To - 09 Apr 2011

Description: On April 2nd, a 20+ person delegation from the Portland region traveled to Spain for its annual Best Practices trip. During the mission, delegates examined the challenges, issues, opportunities and accomplishments for two of Europe’s most fascinating cities…Madrid and Barcelona. Result – an invigorated appreciation for what can be accomplished when a region’s diverse communities and agendas work together for the benefit of all parties.

Key program elements:

  • Establish international relationships, exchange ideas on how to compete in the global marketplace…and initiatives necessary to achieve ‘great city’ status.
  • Study the specific public policies Madrid/Barcelona have enacted to encourage sustainable development and ensure livable, culturally open, integrated communities.
  • Examine how these two historically industrial-based centers are transitioning into knowledge economies; positioning themselves as innovative hot spots, designed to attract young and talented workers, new business investment and tourism.

Deligate List Schedule and Report