Masugi Inoue

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Masugi Inoue
Name Masugi Inoue
Company NICT
Company Position Director General
City, State Sendai Miyagi
Country Japan
Sectors Wireless
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NerveNet.jpeg NerveNet: Regional Resilient IoT Platform
Project Description Points
  • Shirahama is a town on the Pacific coast having a beautiful beach, attracting more than three million tourists. Nearly 10 % are inbound, demanding free Wi-Fi Internet service. It has been promoting “Work in Shirahama”.
  • Shirahama, on the other hand, has to prepare for earthquakes and tsunamis because it is officially said the probability of a large, M8-M10 class earthquake occurring within 30 years is approximately 70%.
  • The project aims at clarifying the effectiveness of a resilient communication platform called NerveNet, developed by NICT, which provides resilient local communication as well as connectivity to the Internet.