KangWei Woo

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KangWei Woo
Name KangWei Woo
Company QuantumCIEL
Company Position Executive Director
City, State Singapore
Country Singapore
Sectors Wireless
Consulting: {{{skill}}}


Gctc-proj-grace.jpg Project GRACE
The present Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is known to be inadequate for the current scale of the Internet and the situation is exacerbated with the advent of IoT. Project GRACE (Graceful Remediation with Authenticated Certificateless Encryption) implements a security architecture using an advanced form of pairing-based cryptography called Verifiable Identity-based Encryption (VIBE) to provide a simple, scalable and secure key management for the cloud services, the IoT and indeed the Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) which are otherwise vulnerable to the extant and new cyber-physical attacks.