John Putnam

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John Putnam
Name John Putnam
Company Cincinnati Bell
Company Position Director
City, State Cincinnati OH
Country United States
Sectors Wellbeing
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HamiltonOH.png 575-HOPE A technology solution to address Preparedness Response and Recovery from opioid and all types of addiction
Integration of available resources and services related to addiction in Hamilton County Ohio in to a program to breakdown data silos, determine best practices, and improve outcomes. This includes a SMS text messaging platform branded “575-HOPE” to engage, inform, and educate those struggling with opioid addictions, and their caretakers. With the capability to proactively inform users that have interacted with the platform of emergency events, the AI-powered and callcenter backed application provides one point-of-entry for those in crisis, ongoing support for those in recovery, and a database of the journey of those individuals accessing services for evaluation by program providers and policy makers.