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25 Jul 2024 Transforming Energy: AI Innovations for Grid Reliability and Resilience
DotsandBridges600.jpg Discover how AI transforms the power grid by enhancing reliability, improving resiliency, and driving sustainability. This webinar will provide insights into how AI applications can manage, plan, and optimize transmission and distribution grids. Additionally, with the growth of AI increasing the electricity demand, we will explore how the industry can keep pace with this rising demand.

[[Transforming Energy: AI Innovations for Grid Reliability and Resilience|Edit]]

05 Nov 2024 Smart City Expo World Congress 2024
Smart City Expo World Congress 2024.jpg Smart City Expo World Congress is the world’s biggest and most influential event for cities and urban innovation. Every year, they gather leaders from global companies, governments and organisations to move cities towards a better future.

[[Smart City Expo World Congress 2024|Edit]]

02 Dec 2024 Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo Fall 2024
SSCAustin2024.jpg Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo offers the most comprehensive conference, exposition and accelerator of smart city innovation in North America.

[[Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo Fall 2024|Edit]]

11 Feb 2025 The Smart City Event 2025
TheSmartCityEvent2025.jpg Discover the nearly limitless potential of Smart Cities and how connected solutions will drive city wide improvements, better quality of life for residents and business opportunity for enterprises.

[[The Smart City Event 2025|Edit]]

07 May 2025 Smart City Asia 2025
SmartCityAsia2025.jpg Specialized exhibition in the field of Smart City Technology, where leading domestic and international businesses gather

[[Smart City Asia 2025|Edit]]