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NIST Sector Utility
GICS Industrial Commercial & Professional Services
Smart Tag(s)
Business type Limited Liability
Year Founded 1982
Founder(s) Keith Bowers
City, State Baltimore, MD
Country United States
Region Served Worldwide
Executives Keith Bowers
Revenue $13.0M€ 11.44 <br />£ 9.62 <br />CA$ 16.51 <br />CNY 82.29 <br />KRW 15.931 <br />
Number of employees 75
Sponsorship Level Of Interest

Pete Munoz.jpeg

Biohabitats, Inc. is an American company that provides conservation planning, ecological restoration and regenerative design services. Biohabitats employs about 75 people with expertise in biological sciences, earth sciences, water engineering, land planning, and design.