Anne Neville-Bonilla

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Anne Neville-Bonilla
Name Anne Neville-Bonilla
Company California
Company Position Chief Deputy Director
City, State Sacramento CA
Country United States
Sectors Data
Consulting: {{{skill}}}


BigDataLibrary.jpeg Data Equity for Main Street - Bring Open Data to Communities through Public Libraries
The Data Equity for Main Street Project is a Data Literacy and Civic Tech project that has aimed to engage community members in open data and empower them to participate in open data projects. By engaging in a curriculum that is meant for those who want to learn about and give feedback on open data, rather than just publish open data, participants improve their digital (data) literacy skills and be exposed to opportunities to use open data to inform community issues or answer individual questions. The project is moving into a new phase, from a in-class online model, to an online, interactive model. We seek to identify the impact of this new online, interactive model.