2023 National Shared Mobility Summit

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Title 2023 National Shared Mobility Summit
Description The Summit offers the opportunity to take steps collectively to replace car-centric transportation with people-focused shared mobility to fight climate change, promote equity, and strengthen community. At speeches, workshops, panels, and field trips, we will try to break down silos and bridge gaps. To lay the groundwork for successful partnerships and mobilize toward multimodal transportation systems. We will explore new technologies that promise it all, and from behavior change to funding, we can begin to address the challenges that hold us back.
Start Date May 2, 2023
End Date May 4, 2023
Location Chicago IL
Website Website
Virtual Access No

Shared mobility is fundamental for a sustainable, equitable future, but we need to work together to make it work. We need to take collective action.

Together—public agencies, private companies, non-profits, community groups, and advocates—we can find the values, interests, and goals we have in common. We can share resources and insights that benefit the public good. Ultimately, we can extend decision-making power and give everyone a seat at the table.

The 2023 National Shared Mobility Summit is where we can all come together.