Trip to England & Scotland

Portland-region leaders from business, government and non-profit sectors traveled to England and Scotland in October 2019 to explore the way cities and urban regions—in various stages of economic development and transition—are addressing issues common to the Portland.Jackson 94

The group agenda included LondonSheffieldManchesterLiverpoolGlasgow, and Edinburgh.

The group’s discussions were grounded in three organizing questions:

  1. How are you reorganizing structurally to accommodate growth and prosperity–rethinking governance, mobilizing new resources, and forging new partnerships across sectors to achieve your shared goals? For the non-governmental sectors, how is public restructuring affecting your ability to achieve your goals?
  2. How are you fostering vibrant innovation ecosystems, including investments in research, education, workforce development, entrepreneurship, and strategic partnerships? What are the roles and responsibilities across sectors and how are effective collaborations facilitated and maintained?
  3. How are you dealing locally with climate uncertainty and fostering resilience to ensure economic stability in the transition to a low-carbon economy?

Specifically, these topics were explored:

  • Congestion pricing to reduce central city traffic and pollution
  • Regional governance, including public-private partnership
  • Promoting economic growth, including by managing health care costs
  • How to help people experiencing homelessness
  • Vision Zero Carbon 2030
  • Advanced workforce training
  • “Resurrecting” a community

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