Wilfred PinfoldWilfred Pinfold, Founder and Board Member
Dr Pinfold has a passion for emerging technologies that are enabled by leading-edge research in computational and data science, giving him the ability to contribute to major advancements across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, environment, engineering, energy, packaged goods, and the entertainment industry.

His background includes experience delivering advanced computing platforms from small embedded technologies to large data centers and combining them into Cyber Physical Systems. In a 23-year career at Intel he built experience in engineering, research, strategy, business planning, account management, and marketing. He has held academic positions in schools of engineering and business in both the US and UK, has authored numerous technical reports and papers and participated in project and thesis reviews up to and including PhD.

He is a qualified Naval Architect and Structural Engineer , the Portland Mayor’s representative on the Technology Oversight Committee (TOC), a respected and highly sought-after spokesperson and contributor to the in the Smart City community.