Nestor Velasco-Bermeo

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Nestor Velasco-Bermeo
Name Nestor Velasco-Bermeo
Company University College Dublin
Company Position Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Lecturer
City, State Dublin City County Dublin
Country Ireland
Sectors Data


ITESM.png Protecting user Data in the Smart City scenario
Data is exchanged intensively within a Smart City, the correct usage of such information is vital to provide a better service to the citizens. Protecting user’s details is the key of a broader adoption of any application with intense data exchange and exploitation.


Tecnologico Monterrey-university-logo.png Tecnologico Monterrey
Through educational experiences Tecnológico de Monterrey form people who become agents of change willing to be even more competitive in order to benefit all, with a clear focus on being instead of having, on serving others instead of possessing things; people who are responsible for their own lives, aware of the fact that their actions may promote the transformation of others.