GlobalReach Technology

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GlobalReach Technology
Sector Transportation
Industrial Software & Services
Business type "Public Company" is not in the list (Sole proprietorship, Partnership, Nonprofit, Other, Federal Government, State Government, Local Government, Public, Employee Owned, Private, ...) of allowed values for the "Has biztype" property.
Year Founded 2012
Founder(s) Nigel Wesley
City, State London
Country United Kingdom
Region Served Worldwide
Executives Nigel Wesley
Revenue $24M€ 21.12 <br />£ 17.76 <br />CA$ 30.48 <br />CNY 151.92 <br />KRW 29.411 <br />
Number of employees 35
Sponsorship Level Of Interest

Kate Cleevely.jpeg

We deliver a secure connection to the internet. We're the leader in seamless Passpoint authentication and a specialist in secure identity and access.


Swansea Arena External.jpg Fast Wi-Fi boost for Copr Bay
Fast and reliable Wi-Fi technology is being introduced in Swansea's emerging new Copr Bay district, letting thousands of people stream content at the same time to their mobile devices.