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The Blueprints take the best practices extracted from the projects and provide how to guides. The first version of these were produced as static documents (PDFs). In Blueprint 2.0 we are moving this content to a semantic web structure. Below you will find the PDF documents along with entry points (the icons) to the semantic web blueprints organized by the segments established by the Global City Teams Challenge. (GCTC).

We thank the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Global City Teams Challenge for its foresight and proactive focus on supporting the development of smart cities across the United States and around the Globe. Thank you to Sokwoo Rhee for your indefatigable leadership of this department. Thank you to Jean Rice of the National Telecommunications Industry Administration for co-founding and co-leading this cluster through its formative time.
The Smart Buildings Super Cluster Blueprint was produced by numerous industry specialist volunteers who contributed their expertise and time to share with readers thought leadership and best practices in this developing ecosystem to this point in time.
Smart buildings are a fast-evolving platform, involving myriad technologies and systems. We invite you to continue to visit the Smart Buildings Super Cluster (SBSC) website, to access the latest resources produced by this group.
Thank you to all listed below for your dedication and commitment to producing this information.

Smarthome200.png Buildings Blueprint
Buildings Blueprint
Cybersecurity and Privacy 200.jpg Cybersecurity and Privacy Blueprint
Cybersecurity and Privacy Blueprint
Data200.png Data Blueprint
Data Blueprint
Education 200.png Education Blueprint
Education Blueprint
PublicSafety200.png Public Safety Blueprint
Public Safety Blueprint
Rural200.png Rural Blueprint
Rural Blueprint
Smart Regions.png Smart Region Blueprint
Smart Region Blueprint
Transportation200.png Transportation Blueprint
Transportation Blueprint
Utility200.png Utility Blueprint
Utility Blueprint
Wellbeing200.png Wellbeing Blueprint
Wellbeing Blueprint
Cell200.png Wireless Blueprint
Wireless Blueprint