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The Future of Connected Buildings

September 22, 2020 @ 8:00 am 9:00 am PDT

IoT protocols play an important role in the smart buildings market, providing connectivity that improves occupant wellness, security, and safety while at the same time reducing operational costs. However, bus protocols in building automation have undergone very few changes over the years. Even BACnet, as one of the youngest bus protocols, was established as the standard in the market over 20 years ago.

Now, technological boundary conditions are changing and new wireless technologies are entering the market at high speed.

Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) and Thread can play a decisive role in seamlessly integrating modern wireless technologies into the existing control system structures, allowing end users the freedom to choose their own components.

On September 22, OCF will host a webinar featuring experts from ABI Research, Cascoda and MBS GmbH, providing a robust look into the commercial building automation market and the future of smart building technologies.

This webinar will include:

• The history of bus protocols and integration with new building automation technologies
• An Interactive demo on the coupling of data from classic bus protocols with new approaches
• Commercial building automation hardware ecosystem insights
• Revenue opportunities across the smart building value chain
• IoT use-cases driving adoption of smart building technologies

Adarsh Krishnan, Principal Analyst, ABI Research
Adarsh Krishnan, Principal Analyst at ABI Research, orchestrates research regarding the Internet of Everything (IoE), Enterprise, and M2M. Since 2012, he has contributed to broadening ABI research coverage of broadband access technologies, smart home, wireless connectivity technologies and other emerging transformative technologies. Adarsh has focused on key research and analysis of the IoE value chain to provide crucial trends in key vertical IoT markets. He has done extensive research on smart buildings, smart grids, smart street lighting, asset tracking and Low-Power Wide Area (LPWA) network connectivity technologies.

Bruno Johnson, CEO, Cascoda and Vice Chair, Marketing and Communications Working Group, OCF
Bruno is an expert in the conceptualization, design, development and strategic implementation of standard products for the electronics industry. His experience covers a range of wireless devices, gained through previous positions in Semtech, Acapella and Hitachi Microsystems (now Renesas). Since forming Cascoda, Bruno has been responsible for defining and implementing the company vision, strategy and communications. Bruno is currently Vice-Chair of the Marketing & Comminations Work Group of OCF and Chair of the Regional work group of the Thread Group. Bruno holds an MSc in Mircoelectronics from the University of Southampton, and an MBA from Imperial College Business School.

Nils-Gunner Fritz, CEO, MBS GmbH
The former self-employed software developer for the financial industry and energy sector joined MBS GmbH back in as early as 2003. Since then, he has worked on the development of universal gateways for building automation, supported MBS GmbH marketing and sales activities, as well as managed the BACnet test laboratory. In 2010, Fritz was appointed as an authorized representative and assigned responsibility for the operational business of MBS GmbH. In this role, he also managed the project that aimed to achieve accreditation for MBS GmbH as a test center for BACnet conformity tests back in 2012. Fritz introduced the company’s quality management handbook based on the DIN EN ISO 17025 standard and successfully coordinated all activities with the aim of passing the certification audit on the first attempt. In 2016, Nils-Gunnar Fritz became CEO of MBS GmbH and part of the management of the specialists for industrial and building automation.

Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF)

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