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The Aging in Style Salon

The Aging in Style Salon: Intersections series features Dr. Thomas J. Doherty on: COVID-19: From Personal Coping to Thriving Communities

May 14, 2020 @ 11:00 am 12:30 pm UTC

The Aging in Style Salon: Intersections series will feature guest speakers to illuminate issues that affect us all. You will be invited to interact with the speakers and with your fellow guests to discuss the ideas presented, ask questions, and explore the theme from different viewpoints. Experience an afternoon of ideas worth sharing, engage in lively discussions about the topics at hand, and create a deeper connection to the community. Each event will focus on one subject area, but as a whole, the Intersection series will explore different issues and finding solutions on how to build thriving communities.

The guest speaker of this event is Dr. Thomas J. Doherty.

In his talk, COVID-19: From Personal Coping to Thriving Communities, Dr. Doherty will share insights from working with the public on COVID-19 issues. He will discuss how we can maintain personal sustainability and resilience amidst the pandemic and build on opportunities for making positive social, technological and environmental changes.



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