Open call for supporting the creation of public value through local and regional innovations under ELISE action


The European Location Interoperability Solutions for eGovernment (ELISE) action aims to enable digital government through geospatial data and location intelligence. It is a package of legal, policy, organisational, semantic and technical interoperability solutions that aim to facilitate more efficient and effective digital cross-sector interaction and data re-use.

The call is organised in two lots:     

  • Lot 1: concentrates on the development of practical guidance, convincing value propositions, and a list of priorities for further policy action, which help to improve the quality and delivery of public services by the meaningful and innovative use of location data and technology at local level. These should be developed based on an in depth mapping and critical analysis of recent initiatives, emerging solutions and their possible impacts. The Contractor should organically structure the information available at local and regional level, investigate new practices – together with their replicability and scalability potentials – and suggest possible future pathways for the evolution of public services in the EU.
  • Lot 2: should help to understand, through an extensive use of sandboxing, the policy implications of different governance approaches, business models and opportunities for the development and various uses of sub-national (regional and local) data ecosystems and digital twins – together with their implications on public sector innovation. By ‘data ecosystem’ we mean a complex socio-technical system of people, organisations, technology, policies, and data in a specific area or domain that interact with one another and their surrounding environment for a specific purpose. By ‘sandboxing’ we mean the establishment and utilisation of testing technical environments in an agile and inclusive manner that would help gain valuable insights into the way in which data-driven innovation can benefit a broad spectrum of different actors.

The deadline for receipt of tenders is 25/08/2020 (16:00 CEST).

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